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Application Range

For individuals, companies and law firms


  • certified translations
  • for all authorities, employers and authorities
  • also for court purposes

Certified Translations – Application Range

In the following cases an authority may require certified translations of your documents, which Germany Translation Service will be happy to provide:

  • Marriage abroad between Germans
  • Immigration or long stay visa applications
  • Naturalization
  • Repatriation
  • Application for naturalization
  • Immigration to an English-speaking country with visa requirements
  • Admission to university education (certified translations of school certificates, vocational training certificates, university certificates)
  • Employment (certified translations of vocational training certificates,university certificates)
  • Lawsuits, e.g. legal issues involving issues abroad
  • Insured events, i.e. police, accident or medical reports
  • Pension and superannuation matters (certified translations of employment records and statements of earnings abroad)
  • Founding of foreign companies and subsidiaries in Germany or abroad
  • Powers of attorney

Agreements for recognition by authorities in Germany or in English-speaking countries

Before placing your translation order, please always check with your authority how your documents have to be presented, i.e. contents and certification, e.g. if official authentication or legalization is required.

Please also check how your translations need to be certified. Our translators can certify the translations according to the requirements of the authorities, but not the documents presented to us for translation.


Birth Certificate

Marriage Certificate

Certificate of Name Change

Driving Licence

Certificate of Name Change

Other certificates

Divorce Decree

Police Clearance Certificate


Business Registration

Internship Reference

Statement of Account

Employment Contract


Other documents

Employment Reference

Reference Letter

Professional Training / Apprenticeship

Training / Apprenticeship Contract

Journeyman’s Certificate

Other documents

Training Reference

Final Apprenticeship Examination Certificate

Vocational School Transcript

Master Craftsman Certificate


Bachelor Certificate

Certificate of Enrolment

Other document

Academic Transcript of Results

Performance Report

Master Certificate

PhD Certificate


General University Entrance Qualification

Certificate of Attendance

University of Applied Sciences Entrance Qualification

Other documents

Report Card

Other Documents

Balance Sheet

Tax Advice

Certificate of Incorporation

Other documents



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