RATES                                                                                            KEEPING IT SIMPLE

Our rates for certified translations are based on a rate per page and depend on word count, layout, content and lead time. We can offer preferential rates for larger projects, repeat business and uncertified translations. We are also happy to receive small assignments.

You will find an indication of our charges in the table below. However, for greater accuracy, please send us your documents and we will guarantee a firm, no obligation quote for both certified and uncertified translations.

Certification of the translation is included in the following prices.

We look forward to your enquiry.

Document Price
Police Clearance Certificate G-E 27 €
Birth Certificate G-E 28 €
Degree Certificate / page G-E 28 € – 35 €
Academic Transcript /page G-E 34 € – 44 €
Degree Certificate / Diploma E-G on request
Work Reference E-G, G-E / page 24 € – 62 €
Marriage Certificate (U.S./Canada) 45 € – 145 €
Marriage Certificate (Australia) 40 € – 55 €
Driving Licence E-G n/a
Payslip G-E, G-E on request
Contracts, Affidavits, Decrees, Last Wills, etc. on request

Invoicing in EUR or, with PayPal, in any currency.

We accept PayPal payments.