Sworn Translators


In Germany, only translators publicly appointed and sworn in by a German court are authorised to carry out certified translations, accepted by virtually all authorities worldwide.

Foreign authorities may in addition require authentication of the sworn translator’s signature, which we will be pleased to obtain for you.

It is a prerequisite for sworn translators in Germany either to have passed a state examination or hold a university degree in translation sciences in their respective languages.

Sworn translators declare their authorization to carry out certified translations by endorsing the translated document with the following notation:

As duly appointed and sworn translator for [language] by [court], I hereby certify that this is a true and complete translation of the certified copy/original of the English/German document presented to me.

Sworn translators endorse their certification with their name, signature, stamp and date. Certified translations into German are always complete translations of the source document, including crossed-out words or notations without direct reference to the document, if applicable. Fee stamps, stamps or seals are also translated. Extracts are not accepted by German authorities.

Authorities in Germany may not accept translations by foreign translators even though they may be sworn in. It is also possible that a German authority does not accept such translation even if the German Consulate or German Embassy has accepted it.

We therefore recommend that you entrust a translator publicly appointed and sworn in by a German court with your documents.