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Certified translation of a driver’s license from English to German, including classification


Conversion of a foreign driver’s license into a German driver’s license (no motorcycles)

You will require an official and certified translation of your foreign driver’s license in order to convert it into a German driver’s license. Furthermore, the kind of motor vehicle that you are allowed to drive must either be clearly mentioned in the license or the translation must include a classification. We offer both, a certified translation from English to German plus a classification, where required, for all driver’s licenses issued in the English language.  If a foreign driver’s license does not explicitly state the category of vehicle that may be driven, an explanation will be added to the translation explaining the category.

Price and Lead Time

We charge a total of 48.00 EUR including postage for the certified translation of your driver’s license, classification included, and the lead time is about two to three work days.

The certified translation of a driver’s license from English to German is always an individual assignment as each English-speaking country, and often each State, uses their own format, which may vary, even from year to year.

The certified translation of foreign driver’s licenses is also offered by ADAC translators. These translations also are accepted for the conversion of a foreign driver’s licenseinto a German one. The lead time with ADAC is about 10 days to two weeks, and ADAC is also slightly more expensive.

Do you wish to place an order with us for the certified translation from English to German including the classification of your driver’s license?


48.00 EUR for one driver’s license, 90.00 EUR for two driver’s licenses in the one order, including postage

Lead Time

Two to three work days (after receipt of payment or evidence of payment)

Please send us an e-mail or use the „place an order“ button if you wish to place an order with GermanyTS for the certified translation of your driver’s license. Our Terms and Conditions will aply.

We will be pleased to receive your order.

We offer the translation of driving licences (no motorcycle classification) from the following countries:

New Zealand
South Africa
Trinidad and Tobago

For driver’s licenses in the English language from other countries, we are usually also able not only to prepare a certified translation, but also a classification. In the rare event that this is not the case, will will notify you immediately.




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